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John Friess has worked in the printing ink industry since July 1978, he got his start in the production department at a small company specializing in offset lithographic ink. Over his career John has worked in different printing industries that exposed him to magazine and newspaper printing, metal decoration (aluminum beverage cans) food and product packaging, corrugated boxes and sublimation apparel and home décor. John started working with the sales team at Gans Ink and Supply Co. in April of 2009. Recently John brought his many years of experience to Gans Media and our ink jet print media division.
Married 35 years, he has two daughters and one grandchild on the way. Spending time with family and friends makes him happy, finding the next good meal runs a very close second. John was born in Los Angeles and still lives in the same neighborhood he grew up in. John is a proud veteran having spent three years with the US Navy serving aboard the aircraft carrier USS Constellation.

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