Vinylcure XLT UV Inks for Cards

Gans Ink and Supply Company introduces our just released, Vinylcure XLT ink system. Designed for the production of plastic cards on most presses utilizing conventional curing systems, these inks can be designed to either wet trap, or dry trap, in line. This product exhibits the highest adhesion numbers in the card manufacturing industry, even when printing 400% or more coverage. We suggest pretesting substrates and overlay for adhesion. This product is developed specifically for PVC, but should also work on polycarbonate, styrene, and other plastic substrates with proper surface treatment. If you are considering purchasing a UV offset press to produce plastic cards, please give the Gans team a call.

Features and Benefits

  • Excellent cure response with end of press
  • Excellent bond to PVC and other substrates
  • 300-405nm light range of focus
  • Optimal trap quality
  • Longer life cycle than conventional UV inks system
  • Different tack sequence systems available
  • Process and Pantone colors available
  • Availability

    This system is available in a variety of 4/C process sequences and PMS mixing colors to suit each application mentioned above. Please contact your local representative for appropriate formula numbers.

  • Storage

    As always, store in a cool dry area and avoid direct sunlight. When stored as recommended shelf life is 6 months.

  • Safety Precautions

    As with all Ultraviolet Curable inks, Vinylcure XLT may cause skin and eye irritation upon contact. Follow proper handling procedures outlined in the MSDS.

Tech Sheet

Download our tech sheet right here.

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