Lithographic Fade Resistant Inks

Lithographic fade-resistant printing inks, by industry standard, will hold color for up to three months of exposure to sunlight. The measure of this standard is eight hours per day of direct sunlight exposure in a midwestern sun. Gans Ink Company uses an Atlas Suntest xenon-lamp fadeometer to test printed samples. Ninety-six continuous hours of fadeometer testing is equal to roughly … Read More

Pigment “Bleed” or “Burn-out”

Standard pigments used in commercial inks can be sensitive to many types of over print and post processing coatings. This sensitivity can result in an undesireable color shift of the printed ink, often referred to as a “bleed” or “burn-out”. Whether an ink bleeds, or the severity of the bleed, is nearly impossible to predict, however, certain basic guidelines can … Read More

Soy Plus Inks

soy inks

Soy Plus Inks have been formulated for today’s commercial sheet-fed printer. These inks are soy based and contain less than 1% Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s). This allows pressrooms to be well ahead of compliance requirements as they are established from state to state. For both coated and uncoated stocks. Available in 4-color process and Pantone® shades. Soy Plus contains more … Read More