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Sheetfed Coating Offset Blankets

We provide sheetfed coating offset blankets for printers applying aqueous and UV coatings. Our patented rubber surface is engineered to apply the coating that is uniform and stable.

  • GANS 893/894: Gans 893 (3 ply) and 894 (4 ply) coating blankets are our most popular selling blankets specially made for the application of aqueous coatings. This cast coated blanket has a light, cream colored surface and is easily strippable if spot-coating is to be applied. This blanket is economically priced and will deliver dependable performance and a clean release with most aqueous coatings
  • GANS ISO.SPEC: For printers who prefer a buffed surface for applying aqueous coating, Gans ISO.Spec has been specially developed to our specifications. With a special adhesive layer that will easily release the surface layer when stripping a knockout for spot coating, ISO.Spec is a very popular blanket with printers.