Enviro-Card Inks

The environment we live in concerns both our company as an enterprise, and its chemists individually. We strongly consider our impact on the environment, and as concerned suppliers to the plastic card industry, continue to work towards maximizing our use of renewable and bio-based materials.

In the early 1980’s, Gans Ink & Supply Co. was the innovator of high performance soy-based conventional inks for offset applications. Today, we have succeeded in formulating a revolutionary UV curing ink for the production of Secure and Non-Secure cards that contains the highest content of bio-based materials in the industry.

These inks have been quantified by an unbiased third-party University laboratory, using ASTM method D6866-10 for the testing bio-based content. Enviro-Card meets or exceeds all current products for post printing performance.

Features and Benefits

  • First confirmed Bio-Based ink for this application averaging 34%
  • Excellent results on treated substrates
  • Excellent cure response @.7 W/CM2
  • Superior pull strength properties
  • Excellent flow and transfer properties
  • Products                                                                 
    UV14000 – Enviro-Card 1/D Black
    UV14001 – Enviro-Card 2/D Cyan
    UV14002 – Enviro-Card 3/D Magenta
    UV14003 – Enviro-Card 4/D Yellow
  • Bio-Based Content
    30 + 1%
    31 + 1%
    36 + 1%
    39 + 1%
  • Availability

    Currently available in 4/C process only. Blending colors to be developed, on request.

  • Storage

    Store in a cool, dry area. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight. When stored as directed, shelf life is 6 months.

  • Safety Precautions

    As with all ultraviolet curable inks, Enviro-Card inks may cause skin irritation upon contact.Follow proper handling procedures outlined in the MSDS.

Tech Sheet

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