Soy Plus Inks

soy inks

Soy Plus Inks have been formulated for today’s commercial sheet-fed printer. These inks are soy based and contain less than 1% Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s). This allows pressrooms to be well ahead of compliance requirements as they are established from state to state.

For both coated and uncoated stocks. Available in 4-color process and Pantone® shades.

Soy Plus contains more than the standard amount of soy oil required by the American Soybean Association for use of their official “Printed With Soy Oil” logo.

Soy Plus Inks offer the following advantages:

  • Excellent gloss, rub resistance and dot reproduction. They have been formulated to achieve the greatest printing success, while complying with the need to be environmentally sound.
  • Exhibit faster setting speed than conventional soy inks because they contain added amounts of nut oils. Like soy oil, these nut oils are derived from a renewable resource, are non-polluting and biodegradable.
  • Extremely stable on press which means that a wide variety of printing requirements can be achieved. Spare form jobs and those with heavy coverage are no problem.
  • Soy Plus Inks are “Laser Safe” when used as directed for jobs that require further laser processing.


  • Allow a minimum drying time of 96 hours. Printed jobs should be given every opportunity to fully oxidize before being used on the laser printer. Winding lifts is recommended and jobs should be shipped in corrugated boxes with holes drilled in the sides to maximize air flow and oxidation.
  • FORMS DESIGN Minimizing the use of preprinted solid areas on forms particularly reverse headings and logos, greatly reduces the possibility of failure. These areas can usually be screened to 50% or less using a deeper hued ink without detracting from the final result. Minimize the use of vertical lines (at 90º to the fuser roller) as they are more susceptible to ink transfer than horizontal lines (parallel to the fuser roller).Whenever possible use screened values.

Due to the many printing process variables which are beyond our control, we have developed the trouble-shooting list below. When using Soy Plus, please consider the following:

Paper may have low pH (acidic)

Will retard or prevent ink from drying.

Paper is too hard and insufficiently absorbent.

Ink cannot penetrate and be absorbed

Paper is of low surface strength

Fibers may be deposited on the fuser roller

Paper is high in moisture or volatile content

Interference with the fuser roller

Antioxidant compounds or sprays are used

Will retard or prevent ink from drying

Non-Oxidizing reducers have been added and volatiles are now present in ink film

Final drying is adversely affected

Fountain solution is too acidic

Will retard or prevent ink drying

Ink has become over emulsified

Will retard or prevent ink drying

Ink film carried is too heavy

Drying time is extended and the inks’ contact with the fuser roller is increased

Insufficient drying time has elapsed between printing and subsequent use on copier

Tracking problems