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Printing Blankets

Gans is proud to be able to supply today’s Offset printers with the highest quality printing blankets. Our blankets are perfect for most applications, such as: paper stock, boxes, newspaper, commercial printing, card stock , and much more,

  • ULTRA MAX: Ultra Max is Gans’ newest development to fulfill the need of printers for a blanket with increased mechanical properties. Ultra Max has higher mechanical resistance and a harder top compound which combines into a highly compressible and stabilized carcass. The result is an outstanding blanket that is perfect for frequent format changes and can be used with a variety of printing sources on sheet fed presses.
  • Gans blanket material has been an industry standard for nearly a decade. A compressible blanket with a slightly softer, double buffed surface,’s best attribute is it’s ability to absorb larger quantities of ink for an unrivalled transfer to the sheet and effortless release.
  • THE EDGE: For sheetfed printers looking for the highest dot/staccato resolution achievable, The Edge blanket material is the right choice. This material has a slightly harder double buffed surface for transferring the sharpest, cleanest dot or FM screen image.
  • IMAGE: Gans Image blanket material is specially made only for Gans by Trelleborg, makers of the highest quality offset blanket materials in the world. Our fastest growing blanket material, Image was built from the ground up for long-life durability. An excellent printing surface buffed for effortless ink transfer to the sheet, beneath this surface are uniquely constructed layers of material to absorb the punishment of day-to-day production. Gans Image blankets will print a sharp dot, for a longer period of time, than any other blanket material we offer.