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Plate related products, Specialty cleaners and Rejuvenators/Deglazers.

  • CTP SCRATCH REMOVER: A strong plate cleaner that is a universally CTP safe scratch remover.
  • ULTRA PLATE CLEANER: Suitable for the removal of conventional ink, Ultra Plate Cleaner may be used as a plate cleaner and temporary storage gum for up to 30 days.
This product is a proven long term plate storage gum compatible with both conventional and CTP digital plates. Gans Asphaltum Storage Gum will protect and preserve your plates for months or years, and is also an effective chrome roller desensitizer when used as part of a preventative maintenance program.
  • FOUNT ADDITIVE: Designed as an as-needed fountain solution additive, Gans Fount Additive is designed to add extreme desensitizing capacity to the fountain when printing difficult ink types, such as metallics and fluorescents. Fount Additive will allow the printer to keep the finest reverses open in the heaviest solids, and keep the heaviest screen percentages printing clean and sharp. Gans Fount additive is a miracle tool every pressroom should have for difficult print jobs.
  • BLANKET REVIVE: Designed to restore used, glazed blanket surfaces to “like-new” condition, Gans Blanket Revive is an excellent product for improving sheet release and assisting with fit issues due to release distortion. This product will allow the printer to extend the quality and useful life of every printing blanket in the shop.
  • DEEP KLENE: For truly effective and efficient color washes, Gans has developed Deep Klene. With one or two applications this product will cut through ink, paper and water deposits quickly and more effectively than wash-up solvents alone. Deep Klene will allow the printer to effortlessly switch from dark colors to light colors and will condition the rubber rollers in the inks train for better ink/water balance and control.
  • CALCIUM & SURFACTANT REMOVER: Formulated to remove LOW VOC residual solvents from both blankets and rollers. CSR will also work effectively as a strong alkaline paper rinse when applied regularly to the ink roller train.