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TextGeared to the needs of the sheet-fed and web offset printer, Gans Ink & Supply Co. employs a full-time development staff dedicated to researching and sourcing new and superior varnish vehicles. This nationwide effort has allowed Gans to consistently formulate inks that improve quality, productivity and profitability.

In addition to our ever-evolving product line of commercial inks, Gans offers the highest level of technical assistance available today, at no extra charge! Whether your needs include custom color matching services, custom ink formulations to address specific performance characteristics, color management assistance based on process controls, press fingerprinting or color-space profiling for your entire workflow, Gans Ink & Supply has expert trained technicians on staff to assist you!

Please take a few minutes to review our most popular commercial inks, blending systems and overprint varnishes. These are proven products that are performing successfully in both large and small commercial print shops across the country.