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TextGans Ink & Supply’s Energy Curable Ink Division is the fastest growing part of our ink manufacturing business. Our UV curable inks for credit and smart cards are considered the best in the world. With a never-ending search for state-of-the-art vehicle systems in this emerging technology field, Gans Ink continues to be the industry leader in the manufacture of offset energy curable inks for plastics.

In addition to UV inks for plastics, we have formulated UV curable inks systems for both hot and cold laminating processes for non-secure card printers. Gans Ink also produces UV paper ink systems for Sheetfed, Dry Offset, Flexo, and folding carton applications. With a wide variety of product lines, most of our UV systems are available in Pantone and Process colors.

Gans understands the need for products developed with environmental sustainability. Our scientists have developed products that address both the need for products made with renewable resources and those that help our customers overcome the hurdles they may have in complying with a variety of regulatory issues. EnviroCure is a revolutionary product that has 20-30% Bio-content in a 4/C process set. EnviroCure produces a radiant printed product that is priced economically, allowing you to help the environment without breaking your budget!

The Gans Ink UV division manufactures our products from raw materials. We also do not use commercially available vehicle systems and dispersions. This makes us unique, by sourcing our base products we have the flexibility to produce specialized and cutting edge energy curable products for our clients.

Contact your Gans Ink representative for more information and current product offerings.

Gans Ink and Supply Company introduces our just released, Vinylcure LED ink system. Designed for the production of plastic cards on most presses utilizing LED curing systems, these inks can be designed to either wet trap, or dry trap, in line. This product exhibits the highest adhesion numbers in the card manufacturing industry, even when printing 400% or more coverage. We suggest pretesting substrates and overlay for adhesion. This product is developed specifically for PVC, but should also work on polycarbonate, styrene, and other plastic substrates with proper surface treatment. If you are considering purchasing an LED offset press to produce plastic cards, please give the Gans team a call.

  • Excellent cure response with end of press curing
  • Excellent bond to PVC and other substrates
  • 380-395nm light range of focus
  • Less scuffing during handling
  • Optimal trap quality
  • Also cures under conventional UV lamps
  • Longer life cycle than conventional UV inks systems
  • Different tack sequence systems available
  • Process and Pantone colors available

This system is available in a variety of 4/C process sequences and PMS mixing colors to suit each application mentioned above. Please contact your local representative for appropriate formula numbers.

As always, store in a cool dry area and avoid direct sunlight. When stored as recommended, shelf life is 6 months.

Safety Precautions
As with all Ultraviolet Curable inks, Vinylcure may cause skin and eye irritation upon contact. Follow proper handling procedures outlined in the MSDS.

PLASTICURE H/S: High speed Plasticure inks are the next in line for the dry-offset production of small and large pre-formed containers. With Plasticure H/S inks, misting is almost non-existent, making Plasticure H/S well suited for the fastest production speeds of modern mandrel equipped presses. These inks meet all indirect food contact and health standards and the stringent requirements of California’s Proposition 65. Plasticure inks have very low odor, making them ideal for printing on plastics used in the food packaging such as PVC, PE, PP, and Polystyrene.
ENVIRO-CURE H/S: Our latest High Speed EnviroCure inks have been formulated for ultra-fast curing on paper substrates, even on the fastest Sheetfed and Web equipment. Enviro-Cure H/S demonstrates much improved water balance for better control at high running speeds.
GANS UVFLEX inks for narrow web presses were formulated with adhesion and scratch-resistant properties in mind.

Essential for tag & label printing, the shortness values of UVFlex inks make them very stable on press and are also a factor in maximizing color strength, at even the highest press speeds.

  • ENVIRO-CARD INKS: The environment we live in concerns both our company as an enterprise, in addition to our employees. We strongly consider our impact on the environment, and as concerned suppliers to the plastic card industry, we continue to work towards maximizing our use of renewable and bio-based materials. In 2007, we created  EnviroCard process inks to meet this need. 
  • VINYLCURE: Vinylcure ultraviolet curable inks are specifically formulated for sheetfed printing of secure cards, specifically when printing on PVC.
  • PLASTECH: Our revolutionary  ink system from Gans R&D Team is designed for multiple plastic substrates and printing applications. This new system out-performs some of our current systems for printing in a variety of markets! Whether you manufacture secure/gift cards, buckets/cups, metal cans or flat sheet plastics, Plastech will fit the bill.